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  • Notre .:-"S.L"-:. ​ est cité à la fin du document!

    J'ai compilé les 3 messages dans un pdf. Il s'agit d'une traduction par Google Trad non corrigée, dont le but est uniquement fonctionnel. J'ai aussi ajouté des espaces pour aérer le texte.


    • Envoyé par Gemant ZBL-Fukuda Voir le message
      Good morning to everyone.
      I would like to inform the international Neo?Geo community that I created an in-depth analysis research document, about the notorius shoot'em up Viewpoint for the Neo?Geo system.
      I planned to use all of the knowledge at my disposal, matured since 1992 to realise a complete document, titled "All about Viewpoint", with which I examined in depth any possible aspect, both the commercial and the historical ones, to the most hidden details on playability and score system.
      This work had been originally conceived with the purpose of being presented just to an Italian audience, therefore an ample window is dedicated to details pertinent to the Italian distribution of the product. However, later on, I developed several topics further than I initially expected, finding rare information through a heavy translation work that was extended to dozens of different sources. Approximately a hundred magazines have been examined, coming from Japan, USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy. Given that a good ~85% of content could be previously unknown to a Western audience, I decided to take one step forward and present the project in English language too, to make it available to an international public.

      Have a nice read.
      Hello Gemant.

      Thank you for this beautiful work.

      It’s up to us now to improve our scores.

      Merci Yori pour la traduction.


      • Superbe,merci!
        La personne la plus detestable, la plus ignominieuse des forums francais.


        • Bravo pour cette belle contribution !


          • Merci ? tous!​


            • Jai voulu m'y remette un peu. Ce jeu est vraiment trop dure. C'est horrible.

              Pour espérer avancer, vous pensez qu'il il vaut mieux recommander du départ à chaque fois ou continuer à partir de la dernière sauvegarde de la carte mémoire.


              • C'est contre productif de s'entrainer en repartant du début. Après quand on n'a pas le choix...