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Dans le topic ricain il y a un post de Trieu en stricker :

Originally Posted by Trieu View Post

Lol. You guys actually believe Tonk is serious? Don't really care so much for the drama of the NG rarities and prototypes, but would hate to see someone get suckered by Tonk for a converted copy.

During the court case of SNK Playmore vs Chris/Dion I personally saw the list of games that were either proto or released for the US Market. AF3 certainly wasn't one of them.

I have known many of the employees in SNK since 1991 and only a select few ever purchased games as an employee.

2nd) If this employee Tonk speaks about has a warehouse full of NEO GEO AES games still exist, well, I certainly know him and he has never heard of Tonk or Mike or this thread, or even cares about the NEO GEO scene altogether. The guy's family is loaded and wouldn't waste his time off his yacht to contact Mike and then want to remain anonymous. Mike has been smokin' something good...maybe share that with us cause it's workin'.

Stop wasting your time with this guys. Tonk is being his true self wanting the attention and praise for a load of crap. Read between the lines. Shawn and I have been in the SNK scene for all these years and can smell crap from a mile away....and I'm about 2000 miles from him.
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